Active Track Trailer


Active Track Trailer

With the development of transport and logistics come problems, contrary to appearances. It is not easy to deal with. Logistics companies handle more orders, and increase their fleet by another semi-trailer, which run on the roads of Europe. Here the problem of their location arises. More and more companies are not able to determine exactly where their equipment is at a particular time. This is due not only to their range of activities, but also because currently only the cars are monitored. Trailers are handled and transshipped without any control. This problem plagues many companies, causing losses and generates costs related with additional workplaces, courses and downtime.


Our solution allows you to track movements in real time based on geographical coordinates. With the A-GPS service you can determine the exact location in an environment where the GPS signal is weak; it is not only possible, but also more precise.

A-GPS uses the GSM / GPRS network to obtain information on the position of the satellites, which allows you to specify the position even when the GPS signal is poor.

The durable casing and built-in accelerometer are designed to protect and inform you about attempts to destroy and sabotage. In addition, ATT is equipped with a battery which it will work in sleep mode for 35 days.

Active Track device redesigned and adapted to the needs of logistics/transport companies. The customer trailer is traveling around the country/continent. The trailer is connected to different trucks and lent by different companies – Acitve Track for Trailers gives you the possibility to monitor the trailer and transported goods in real time.


  • More efficient planning and overseeing route implementation based on GPS and GSM
  • Two reporting modes
    • Online – message sent if time, distance or angle is qualified
    • On-event – device wakes up every e.g. 12h or when movement is detected
  • A-GPS receiver – gets position fast even if GPS signal is poor
  • 12V/24V Power supply
  • Operates more than one month on single charging
  • Embedded GSM and GPS antenna
  • Only power is needed to be connected
  • Battery which can be charged below 0 ˚C
  • Movement detection
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Compact size
  • Supported by application
  • Possible integration with other software


  • Tracking containers
  • Tracking  vehicles
  • Construction equipment, diggers, etc.
  • Tracking pallets, boxes


  • special firmware version with a sleep mode/energy saving function,
  • battery with increased performance,
  • built-in 12/24V power adapter,
  • hermetically sealed, industrial-grade, IP67-rated casing,
  • integrated GSM and GPS antennas,
  • A-GPS support to improve GPS performance,
  • sabotage alarm activated by shocks or during attempts to open the device,
  • configurable data transmission frequency and range,
  • radio receiver for remote control (optional),
  • additional output (optional).


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