Outdoor siren BM220
Dimensions: 200 x 149 x 60 mm
Battery: 7,2V/0,28Ah

  • Diverse optical signal sources – bulbs, diodes or flash.
  • Sound signal source – piezoelectric or dynamic transducer.
  • Separate controlling inputs for optics and acoustics.
  • Selection of sound signals (2 melodies).
  • Adjusted duration of sound signal.
  • ABS + PC (polycarbonate) cover.
  • Anti-sabotage protection (cover opening, removing from the wall).
  • Any colour of cladding and light cover.
  • Metal internal cover (optional).
  • Electronics protected against the influence of weather conditions.
  • Volume: 115dB/m (BM7000 106dB/m).
  • Light color – red, orange or blue.


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