CALLISTO wireless control panel set

Wireless control panel set – CALLISTO (includes: control panel, keypad, plastic housing, GSM antenna, 2 wireless movement detector, 2 key fob and wireless magnetic contact)

CALLISTO wireless control panel

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CALLISTO control panel is an advanced, intelligence solution, that meets the requirements of more complex objects. The control panel feature extended functionality, which enables it to be used to implement access control systems or even smart building systems

Our panel support up to 3 keypads, so the alarm can be armed / disarmed from 3 different places. It is important especially in:

  • offices,
  • service points where there are backdoors
  • single-family houses where you need to secure more than one door, e.g. balcony doors, garages

With the use of wireless, dedicated detectors, you don’t need to distribute meters of cables. You can in easy way put the detector anywhere.

CALLISTO system can be operated via nine 4-button remote controls, which functionality can be freely configured. Arm / disarm the system by radio is confirmed each time by buzzer.

CALLISTO supports up to 16 lines, including 9 (optionally 16) wireless. In each of our panel is the ability to divide the inputs into 2 zones. User can assign any number of lines to each zone.

Our control panels allow you to program text messages to 10 different users.

In short

CPX200N (wired) CALLISTO 2.0. (hybrid)
Transmission GPRS GPRS
SMS to control panel YES YES
Wired zones 7 7
Wireless zones 16
Partitions 2 2
Supported keypads 3 3 (wireless soon)
Remote controls YES, 9
Remote control YES, with SMS and GPRSor using AVA application for smartphone YES, with SMS, GPRS or using AVA application for smartphone

Our systems give you warranty of

  • reliable data transmission (GPRS communicator integration), AES encryption
  • quick and easy configuration
  • customised solution
  • comfort and safety – arming / disarming the system or panic button by radio remote controller

 ALERT VIEW APPLICATION AVA            ava logo all-01

To manage all the features of our control panels we created ALERT VIEW, mobile application for Android and iOS. Communication with control panel is via SMS or GPRS through the server. With AlertView you can:

– arm / disarm each partition
– assign sensors and messages
– receive an alarm notification
– preview event history

AlertView supports four languages.

The AVA app is available at:


Download General Terms & Conditions for Use AVA


– small and medium-sized objects, such as offices, commercial premises, houses, small industrial buildings, garages and holiday houses

Wireless sensors integrated with CALLISTO system:

The MC-10 wireless magnetic contact allows detection of opening doors/windows.

Main features

  • Battery lifetime: 2-3 years
  • Battery status control (low-power signal)
  • Supervisory signal every 15 min.
  • Tamper signal if open cover
  • Max transmission distance: 300 m (open space)
  • Size: detector 85x26x33 mm / magnet 64x13x13 mm

 The PIR-10 wireless motion detector allow a motion detection in restricted areas.

Main features

  • Battery lifetime: 2-3 years
  • Dual passive infrared detection technology.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Supervisory signal every 15 min.
  • Battery status control (low-power signal)
  • Max transmission distance: 300 m (open space)
  • Size: 105x58x38 mm

 RC-10 Remote control with four programmable buttons.

Available soon:

The PIR-11 PET immune wireless motion detector.

The GS-10 is a wireless gas sensor

The SD-10 is an optical point smoke detector using scattered light

Control panels produced by EBS meets the requirements of EN 50131, Grade 2.

Callisto set

Now we offer BOX SET, that includes:

  • 2 x PIR-10
  • 1 x MC-10
  • 2 x RC-10
  • 1 x CALLISTO control panel
  • 1 x GSM antenna
  • 1 x keypad
  • All in plastic housing OBDNA !


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