Imagine a passport reader with the most universal usage. Data capture and authentication in a compact, multi-purpose device to read all types of IDs, including passports, identity cards, drivers’ licenses, visas, and so on – making it ideal both for commercial and government applications. We have been thinking – and introduced Combo Smart.


Improving security at the border control? Speeding up registration in a hotel? Scanning driver’s licenses for car rental? Know Your Customer (KYC) policy in a bank? Combo Smart was designed for the most demanding scenarios, where precise data capture is just as important as document authenticity.


First: data capture. Combo Smart reads data no matter how the information is stored – extracts both printed and digital data stored encrypted in contact chips, contactless chips and even magnetic stripes in specific models. Second: document verification. Within just a few seconds, Combo Smart verifies ID authenticity and detects tampered, fake or forged documents.


Take your time to browse through the different Combo Smart configurations and find the model that best fits your requirements. Start using the passport scanner right after delivery: it comes complete with its own demo software while also offering software-based 3rd party integration. Select a default language or use it in a local language by simply replacing the graphical user interface.


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