Control panel integrated with GSM transmitter

CPX200N is a simple, functional control panel integrated with GSM transmitter. It was designed to the protection of medium-sized objects. Small dimensions and modern design of keypad, 7 inputs possible to grouping into two partitions make CPX200N one of the best solution on the market. CPX200N offers high security standard.

Signal transmission via GPRS / SMS – immediate notification about emergency situations

Remote configuration and firmware upgrade – comfortable servicing and time savings

Encryption of transmitted data using the AES cipher – full data transfer safety

Communication with the monitoring station using OSM.2007 – reliability of data transfer due to redundancy function (operation function in cluster)

GSM / GPRS connection control – automatic retrieving of the connection with the monitoring station


  • 7 zones-type DEOL, possible conversion on EOL or NO/NC
  • possibility of arming the system by radio remote controller
  • 2 partitions


  • 1 high-current (1,1A) alarm output
  • 2 low-current (50mA)

Supervised lines – delay, instant, 24 hour, arm/disarm

Programming the control panel settings

  • LOCAL (the keypad or a computer connected to the RS-232)
  • REMOTE (via GPRS, SMS or CSD)


  • 1 administrator code (root)
  • 1 service code
  • 8 user codes

The possibility of limiting the terms of reference for some of the codes.

Integrated receiver of radio remote controls (optional) – arming / disarming the system or panic button by radio remote controller

Programming socket – required cable GD-PROG

Screw terminal – angle rising clamp

Antenna connection – SMA, mounted directly on PCB

Power supply terminals: sirens – 350 mA, detectors – 350 mA, keypads – 100 mA

Autodiagnostic features for basic components of the system

Opportunity to review faults, memory of alarm signals and other events

The history of system events evidence up to 5000 events

Product meets the requirements of the standard EN 50131, Grade 2

The CPX200N control panel is a device that meets the basic requirements for the protection of a small and medium-sized objects. Simple functionality, service and fast installation are the main advantages of our control panel. Small dimensions and modern design of keypad, 7 zones possible to grouping into two partitions make CPX200N one of the best solution on the market.

For your convenience, we created CALLISTO PLUS (CPX220NWB) system that reliably meets the requirements of more complex objects. It is a hybrid system that allows installation of both, wired and wireless detectors.

CALLISTO PLUS (CPX220NB) is an improved version of Callisto. It supports now all the wireless accessories, including the keypad.

Both control panels support up to 3 keypads, so the alarm can be armed / disarmed from 3 different places. It is important especially in offices, service points where there are backdoors or in single-family houses with balcony doors, garages. With our control panels you can also configure SMS messages, that will be sent to up to 10 different users.

CPX200N (wired) CALLISTO 2.0. (hybrid)
Transmission GPRS GPRS
SMS to control panel YES YES
Wired zones 7 7
Wireless zones 16
Partitions 2 2
Supported keypads 3 3 (wireless soon)
Remote controls YES, 9
Remote control YES, with SMS and GPRSor using AVA application for smartphone YES, with SMS, GPRS or using AVA application for smartphone


Parameters Podstawowe dane techniczne CPXwired oraz Callisto Plus
Transmisson channels GPRS, SMS
Wired zones 7
Wired zones type – Callisto 16 NO / NC / EOL-NO / EOL-NC / DEOL-NO / DEOL-NC
Wired zones type – Callisto 32 NO / NC / EOL-NO / EOL-NC / DEOL-NO / DEOL-NC / TEOL
Response types of zones • delay

• 24h burglary

• perimeter

• arming / disarming

• perimeter exit

• 24h tamper

• 24h gas

• interior delay

• 24h water leakage

• 24h burglary silent

• night (bypassed) (Callisto 32)

• 24h fir

• night with prealarm

Partitions – Callisto 16 2 + STAY/AWAY for each partition
Partitions – Callisto 32 2 + STAY/NIGHT/AWAY for each partition
Outputs 1 monitored alarm output, OC type,

high-current (max. current 1.1A)

2 monitored alarm outputs, OC type,

low-current (max. current 50mA)

Output function • alarm

• alarm and chirp

• chirp

• standby indicator

• power supply fault

• communication loss

• GSM jamming indicator

Power output +12V 1 signaling device output (max. current 350mA)

1 detectors output (max. current 350mA)

1 keypad output (max. current 100mA)

Wired keypads max. 3
Users – Callisto 16 10 (possible remote administration of users)

(admin-1 / installer-1 / user-8)

Users – Callisto 32 33 (possible remote administration of users)

(admin-1 / installer-1 / user-31)

User SMS – Callisto 16 YES, 10 different phone numbers
User SMS – Callisto 32 YES, 32 different phone numbers
Events bufer min. 500
Technical events stored in history min. 2000
Timestamp event YES
GPRS/SMS transmission security AES encryption
Status LEDs (functions 3 LEDs (GSM signal level, device state and faults)
Buttons (functions) 2 buttons (startup without mains power supply,

restore default codes)

Configuration Remote: GPRS, SMS, CSD

Local: PC through RS232 (required cable: GD-PROG)

USB / Bluetooth via MiniProgBT

Remote firmware update YES
GSM module 2G: Gemalto BGS2 (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

3G: Gemalto EHS-6 (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,

UMTS 800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz)

Power supply parameters – PCB (without casing) – Voltage supply 18V/AC (acceptable: 16-20V/AC)
Power supply parameters – PCB (without casing) – Required transformer power min. 20VA
Power supply parameters – PCB (without casing) – Power consumption (average / max) 120mA/1100mA@18V/AC

(avarage mesured: fully charged battery, established connection with server, connected keypad, no sensors connected)

Power supply parameters – PCB (without casing) – Average current consumption; lack of external supply

(without keypad/ with keypad/ with 3 keypads):


(fully charged battery, no sensors connected, established connection with server)

Power supply parameters – PCB in casing – Voltage supply 230V/AC (acceptable: 190-250V/AC)
Power supply parameters – PCB in casing – 3W/20W@230V/AC
Charging module functions ·       protection against reverse battery connection

·       AC failure signalization

·       low battery/no battery signalization

·       protection against short circuit battery output

·       polymer fuse

Backup battery connection YES, lead-acid 12V
Battery charging current max. 350mA
Charging voltage 13,8V
Low battery voltage signaling threshold 11V/DC
Cut-off battery voltage level below 9V
Dimension PCB: 152 x 78 x 30mm

PCB  in plastic casing: 265 x 250 x 85mm

CALLISTO wireless system additional functions – Radio YES, 433.92Mhz (encoded transmission with hopping code)
CALLISTO wireless system additional functions – Wiresless zones CALLISTO 16  –  16 / CALLISTO 32  –  32
CALLISTO wireless system additional functions – Remote controls CALLISTO 16  –  9 / CALLISTO 32  –  32


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