GS-21 is a detector for continuous monitoring of the presence of selected gases in accommodation and auxiliary areas, endangered with these gases, in accordance with the requirements of EN 50291-1:

  • GS-21 – carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (natural gas)
  • GS-22 – carbon monoxide (CO) and propane-butane (LPG)

Compatible with CALLISTO 16 (CPX220NWB) and Callisto 32 (CPX230NWB).

Main features

Type of gas sensor semiconductor (based on SnO2), exchangeable with sensory module
Disturbing factors hydrogen, alcohol (high concentrations), other

hydrocarbons, chlorine; significant oxygen deficit (<19% of volume); substantial , rapid increase of humidity

Working temperature recommended: 0 ° C to + 40 ° C; acceptable

periodically (<1h / 24h): -15 ° C to + 50 ° C

Relative humidity recommended: from 30% to 90%
Alarm thresholds (applies for GS-21, GS-22) 50 ppm carbon monoxide – ALARM within 60 ч 90 minutes; 100 ppm CO – ALARM within 10 ч 40 minutes;

300 ppm CO – ALARM before 3 minutes; according to PN-EN 50291-1

Alarm threshold (applies to GS-21) 15% DGW methane (± 5% DGW)

– ALARM within 1 min, according to PN-EN 50194-1.

Alarm threshold (applies to GS-22) 15% DGW propane-butane (± 5% DGW)

– ALARM within 1 min. according to PN-EN 50194-1

Measuring cycle GS-21, GS-22 every 25 sec. ; microprocessor control, memory of approx. 1000 events (power failures, alarm and emergency states, working time

– read by the manufacturer

Expected operation time 15 years from the date of manufacture (shown on the rating plate)
Optical signaling lamp POWER / FAILURE – green (normal) or yellow
Sound signaling (emergency) Sound signaling, ALARM light – red (alarm); detailed description of signaling Table 3; inner alarm

buzzer, intensity 85dB / 1m, pulsating tone

Outputs “SYRENA” – voltage UN = 9V, Imax = 50mA,

“ALARM” – Umax = 24V AC; Imax = 100mA

“PWRG” – Umax = 24V AC; Imax = 100mA

Dimensions, housing, weight 140 x 85 x 55 mm; ABS housing;

degree of protection IPX2D; 0,4 kg



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